How to Maintain and Increase Your Facebook Likes

Facebook is undoubtedly the leading social networking site as it is used by millions of users worldwide. For that reason, even entrepreneurs use the site to promote their business by getting viewers to like their fan page, thus, attracting other Facebook users. However, it is important to maintain a following from the fans to gain many more. To maintain and increase Facebook likes, fan page administrators must be creative.

Do you remember how your friends liked something you posted on your Facebook page? Do you remember how that particular post gained more likes? It all started with a post, either a shout-out, a photo or a video. So to increase Facebook likes on your page, start with posting something that sparks up people’s interest. Think of catchy lines that would trigger a discussion. Once the fans start commenting, your page would appear on their walls, attracting more users to check out your page as they are intrigued by the numerous following. This way, your page would get more and more followers, thus, making your product or services known to many. And one more thing, to increase Facebook likes, never forget to appreciate the fans who liked and shared their thoughts on your post. Respond to their comments; make them know that their opinions matter to you.

Another way to increase Facebook likes is to give away free stuff. Everybody loves freebies and a lot of fan pages are shelling out goodies to attract viewers so be as creative as you can in doing this. It doesn’t have to be done lavishly, but it has to be entertaining to get the fans actively involved. A photo contest is one example to get the fans going. Depending on the kind of product you sell, let’s say cellphone accessories, have the fans post their best photo holding their cellphones accessorized with the cutest bling-blings. The one with the most likes gets some of your products. Another cool tactic is to do trivia related to the products you sell. If you sell women’s clothing and apparel, try throwing a question such as “What is Taylor Swift’s favorite color?” The first one to post the right answer gets an item that matches the superstar’s fave color. Be cool, fun and creative. Facebook fans love such outlook.

Increasing Facebook likes is a strategy and when used diligently, could catapult your business to heights. Keep your page updated with information such as discounts and promos, get the active participation of the fans by asking for suggestions, be quick in picking up their interests, keep them hooked, be innovative and make your page stand out. Once the fans are glued, they would spread the word out about your page, how informative, cool and trendy it is. They could attract more users to increase Facebook likes on your page, and ultimately, avail the products and services you offer. All of these are made possible with just a few clicks through Facebook.