Effective Ways to Increase Facebook Likes

Marketing strategy makes a great impact to a business. It could either make or break the venture. Thus, keeping up with the trend is essential in advertising.

The trend these days for business owners is buying Facebook likes, a business scheme provided by online companies to help entrepreneurs promote their business online with the help of Facebook users. Such tactics brings users to market a product by liking its page on Facebook, the leading social networking site.

Buying Facebook likes brings a certain number of Facebook fans to like an entrepreneur’s page on the site but advertising the product does not end after the fans hit the like button. The key is to keep the fans hooked to the page, get them to check the page every now and then and hopefully lure them to get other fans to do the same. If a page has more Facebook fans, the more likely it is to get attention from potential buyers. The ultimate goal is to get consumers to avail of the products or services.

So if buying Facebook likes is just the starting point in online advertising, how can a business owner keep increasing the number of likes on his Facebook page? To keep the loyalty of Facebook fans, there is only one thing to bear in mind, which is to take these fans seriously, treat them like they are employees, and value their worth to the business. If an entrepreneur appreciates his fans, he looks for ways and means to stay in touch. If the business owner goes the extra mile to keep his fans close, he would surely gain more.

Let’s say that a certain number of likes has been attained after buying Facebook likes online. The challenge is to keep the fans interested and more importantly, feel that they are valued. A way to do this is to ask suggestions from the fans on how to improve the fanpage, and acknowledge their ideas. It is also essential that the page is updated, informative and interactive. One way to do this is to give promos, like “get a freebie if you get 10 of your friends to like this page” kind of stuff. Now this depends upon the kind of product or services sold. Let’s take for example a business owner who sells gelato at a nearby mall can throw in a question on his page such as this one “How many flavors are we selling at 3pm today?” and add that the first to post the correct answer will get 1 week free supply of gelato. That would surely lead the fans to rush to his store to check the products out and hopefully buy one or even more. Another way is to give an item for free to the 10,000th (or any number) user who likes the page. The more creative the page administrator is, the more likely it is for the page to get a huge following.

Surely, buying Facebook likes is good. Getting more likes by being innovative is better.