Why or Why Not Buy Facebook Likes?

Buy Facebook Likes

Before you get into any business or deal you should ask yourself why or why not you should do it.

The only way to answer this question reasonably is to go over the pros and the cons for each case. Since we want our customers to be happy and 100% satisfied we have conducted a research and found all of the needed information for a reasonable decision.

This small article will break everything down for you in an easy, understandable and practical manner. We will show you the dangers and the benefits of buying Facebook likes for your fanpage.

Let us first talk about the dangers of buying Facebook likes. This is the main reason why buying Facebook likes could be considered as dangerous.

Main Reason For Not Buying Facebook Likes

Buying Facebook likes is a waste of time because most providers use bots instead of real, authentic users.

It is as simple as that.

Since they provide you with bots you see their numbers decrease after the purchase because bots get banned. Additionally, you don’t see any interaction because they are not real users.

This is the only reason why buying Facebook likes is considered to be dangerous, waste of time and inefficient in general.

No matter how many articles you read against buying Facebook likes you will end up deducing all of their “Top 8 Reasons” or “Top 10 Reasons” into one simple statement. You already know that statement. Most providers send bots instead of authentic users. Very simple!

Now let us talk about why you should buy Facebook fans.

Reasons For Buying Facebook Likes

Even though there are many and many social media providers who sell fictitious fans NOT all of them are like that.

The difference is in the methodology of adding the fans and there are two of them.

First methodology as you already knows is the adding of the fans which are bots, who get banned, don’t interact.

Second methodology is advertising the given Facebook fan page to a network of millions of real people who find the given fan page interesting and like it naturally.

THIS is the exact methodology which WE use to get our customers their fans who are loyal, authentic, real Facebook users.

Another reason for buying real, authentic Facebook fans instead of growing it naturally or buying cheap bots is that fact that you get an instant social predominance.

Numbers give you more credibility for people who DON’T know you.

Even if you are selling/promoting a great product for which you have Facebook fan page; I guarantee you that it will be extremely difficult for you to gain popularity naturally when you are just starting out. This is a very important point because we tend to trust whichever/whoever is more famous or known. It is the way everyone is hardwired.

The product might very well die out if there is not enough recognition/interaction about it and that’s where we come in. TuxedoBacklinks provides you with the perfect solution.

We hope that this gave you some insight on how it all works.

If you decide that you want to buy Facebook fans then please click here to find out more about our services.

Best Regards,

Tuxedobacklinks Team

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Why or Why Not Buy Google Plus Votes?

Buy Google Plus Votes

Just like with Twitter, Facebook and YouTube we have also done research about Google plus votes to provide you with more information for a reasonable and valuable decision.

As the usual format goes we will talk about pros and the cons in order to clarify all of the misinformation that is available online.

After reading numerous articles about why it is not efficient to buy Goolge plus votes we came up with only one real reason why it could be inefficient or even dangerous.

Main Reason for Not Buying Google Plus Votes

The reason is very similar to the previous once in a sense that most providers provide junk. That’s the bottom line. You NEED to find the right provider.

If you use the wrong provider this is what will happen. Most of the Google plus votes you get will be fictitious/automated and therefore when Google checks how long they have stayed on your site it will show a number very close to 0.

That is a red flag which will get you penalized from the search engines for good.

Once you have been penalized you then would need to spend a lot more money on reversing that process and then even more money for getting higher rankings.

Two Main Reasons for Buying Google Plus Votes

First reason is that every time you get +1 vote your site gets indexed/re-indexed.

Second reason is that it increases search rankings of your site.

Now these two reasons become valid and feasible when the provider sends you authentic Google plus votes. Once again TuxedoBacklinks does exactly this which in fact puts you ahead of your competitors.

When you have enough Google plus votes you strengthen the trust between you and Google. This is the key to your success.

Please do your own research if you feel like this has not given you the sufficient amount of information. Just make sure you that when you finish reading an article about buying or not buying social media fans you also read the comments.

Most of the authors these days write articles which are not based on facts but on their personal bias. When reading the comments you become sure of how other people think in reality and the more you read the more truth comes out.

We hope that this short article helped you see and understand the big picture. If you decide you want to buy Google Plus votes please click here to find out more about our services.

Best Regards,

Tuxedobacklinks Team

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Why or Why Not Buy Twitter Followers?

Buy Twitter Followers

There is a lot of information online about why one should not buy Twitter followers. When we read most of the threads we found out an interesting pattern. All of the comments were opinions and NOT facts.

Some popular ideas which went against buying of Twitter followers were as follows: it could make you look needy, it betrays the idea of real followers, it could be considered as cheating and so on.

Reading those comments made us realize that people say things out of their personal bias without ANY factual information. In fact some people were for it and some people were against it but all the comments were opinion based.

We would like to offer you more facts so that you can clear your head from all of the misinformation that is available online.

Main Reason for Not Buying Twitter Followers

When it comes to buying Twitter followers the only negative part about it is that some sellers provide you with fake followers/bots.

This is very ineffective because most of the times Twitter gets those accounts banned and as a result the number of your fans goes down.

It could start up from 800 and go down all the way to 300 or lower. This is because those accounts are fictitious and Twitter catches on to that.

When this happens your account does not get affected but you just don’t get what you actually paid for.

Now let us look into why it could be a good reason to buy twitter followers.

Reasons for Buying Twitter Followers

One of the reasons for purchasing Twitter followers is to give yourself a kick start and make your account look more credible.

Every small business does this and starts from exactly this step. They don’t just become popular in one day and people don’t start following them right away.

The very first step is this – they buy real, authentic Twitter followers after which other people find out about their account/product and if interested they confidently follow them.

The key word is confidence which your potential followers/customers can feel when seeing that you already have social predominance.

If you are selling a great product and only have 12 followers (even real once), trust our experience, they will NOT be as confident to follow you.

On the other hand if they see that you have more than thousand followers they will confidently push the follow button.

Social predominance shows authority and security – two things which build confidence in others.

Now all of this can only be true when buying Twitter followers from a trusted, loyal and honest provider. TuxedoBacklinks is considered one of the best social media providers and you can definitely trust us.

If you decide that you want to buy Twitter followers and jump start your social media campaign then please click here in order to find out more about our services.

Best Regards,

Tuxedobacklinks Team

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Why or Why Not Buy YouTube Views?

Buy YouTube Views

Researching about the benefits and dangers of buying Youtube views showed us that there is a big danger of getting one”s account suspended.

There were many real occurrences when people got their videos removed with a follow up email from Youtube staff mentioning that they don”t accept fake views.

This could be atrocious because once you lose your trust with Youtube gaining it back could be extremely difficult.

In the case of buying YouTube views there is not a long list of reasons that we will talk about. Hence this article will be reasonably shorter than the other ones.

When purchasing YouTube views, most of the times sellers will provide you with fake views which get recorded on YouTube’s server. Not only do these views get recorded but their duration gets recorded as well.

Also YouTube looks at the number of on’s subscribers and the date of joining their website. They take all this into consideration in order to decrease spam which is a noble and understandable reason.

For example if you have 0 subscribers, 0 comments and you have joined three days ago but for some reasons you have only 1 video with million views then you WILL get red flagged and warned.

The morale of the story is to buy a reasonable amount of authentic views. Meaning if you have a few subscribers such as 100 then you could buy 500 – 1000 real views and will not get penalized.

TuxedoBacklinks provides you with authentic, real views which could increase your popularity and get your video featured. You will NOT get penalized for purchasing and using our views because they are 100% real.

However if you buy an unreasonable amount of views in relation to your account statistics then there is a chance that you might get penalized for it – because Youtube”s terms of service (TOS) got much stricter.

If you decide that you would like to buy YouTube views then please click here to find out more about out services.

Please make sure you contact us before purchasing if you are not sure what to do.

We are always here to help you.

Best Regards,

Tuxedobacklinks Team

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